We Didn’t Used to Drink Water

When I was growing up, I drank:
-Milk with Nestle’s Quik
When I got to high school, I added:
-Boone’s Farm Wine
Much later,
I started drinking coffee
(as you may have guessed)
and more sophisticated
forms of alcohol.
There were many years,
decades, in fact,
when I drank coffee in the a.m. & wine in the p.m.
Nothing. In. Between.
It never occurred to me and
presumedly others of my generation
to drink water.
And yet, I don’t recall ever being thirsty.
Not then; not now.
Now, I drink water because I know I’m supposed to.
But, if I’m being honest, I’m still not thirsty.
I drink water because I know it will come up:
“Did you bring water?”
“Do you need a water?”
“Can I get you a water?”

Today, much of my headspace is
dedicated to hydration.
I recognize the availability of water
is something that comes with privilege.
In that regard, I suppose I never thought
about water because I never had to think about water.
But also we just didn’t drink it.
Now I, too, drink water.
I don’t like it, but I drink it.
(and vodka, which is basically water)

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