It Surprises Me to Say This

It surprises me to say this,
and I probably wouldn’t have 30, 20, 10
or even five years ago:
for me variety is mostly over-rated.
As I stare down what’s left of my “second half”,
I have fallen in love
with routines and rituals.
My grandmother, who lived with us
when she was the age I am now,
had her cuppa Sanka and buttered toast
every. morning.
She watched her “stories” – soap operas of the day –
with religious conviction
every. afternoon.
These days, I go to bed unashamedly at 8:30ish
looking forward to my every day breakfast
of oatmeal and a preciously crafted (by me) latte.
I walk my dog.
I read.
I write a little.

I don’t need to know about the world of culinary options available at my doorstep.
When I go out, I’ll nearly always choose the burger and a martini.
Old(er) people aren’t boring as I one assumed; we’re discerning.
We’ve been there, done that and now we get to choose.
What I wish I knew then is, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz,
we had the power all along
to live our lives exactly as we choose.
For some, it just took this long to claim it.

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