What Are You Doing?

I work with a lot of people
who come to coaching to change their life.
One question I always ask is:
what are you doing now?
Not what is your job,
but what are you doing?
One client wanted a job helping youth,
preferably in sports.
He felt passionately about this.
Yet no amount of time, money or effort was being
expended in this direction.
He was waiting for that job to provide
all his success, satisfaction and joy
and making himself miserable in the meantime.
Fulfillment is a tall order for any job
when he could be
volunteering at an afterschool program,
coaching at the park district or
grabbing a basketball for a game of pick-up
with neighborhood kids.
Not because it will “look good on his resume” (it will),
but because it will feed that passion in a way
few jobs will.
Lives change by taking action.
Sometimes with the help of a coach,
more often with the realization it’s an inside job.
And no one is going to move you forward but you.
If you’re looking to a job
to save your life,
you’re looking in the wrong place.
Save yourself.
Do something that matters to you.

Save Money. Coach Yourself.

“Oh No, I Forgot to Get Married (Again)!”