Save Money. Coach Yourself.

Coaching is expensive.

I know because I am a coach and I have had a coach for years.

It’s expensive and valuable because coaching works.

I can save you the time and money of hiring a coach

with the following observations gleaned through more than a decade

of being on both sides of the coaching relationship.

It may take a little longer and the path may not be

quite so clear, but you will get there.

Find work you love and adjust your lifestyle to

the earnings that work affords you.

Stop working for assholes; if you’re the asshole, stop.

Stop dating assholes. If you’re the asshole, see above.

Eat less; move more.

Make a decision and move forward.

Pick something and do it.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Trust and go.

You’ll never know for sure.

There are no “for sures” only “for nows”.

Use a coach or your own good sense to

deepen the learning about yourself

and move forward into action.

Let that action inform the next action.

Be risky – because every decision has some risk built in —

but not reckless

with you career, your money, your health, your love,

with whatever is your next “what’s next”.

I am Paula

What Are You Doing?