Caution: Extreme Metaphor Ahead

I’m on vacation and I’m hiking.

The hike down to the ocean is fairly quick and easy;

the hike back up: daunting.


On the other side of the hike

is the rest of my day,

regrettably, my water bottle,

lunch and,

because I am on vacation,

likely a mid-day cocktail or two.

All things I want badly and immediately.

Did I mention the hike back is

steep, rocky and hard?

I want to Stop. Quit.

Sit down. Rest awhile.

Yet, the rest of my day is calling.

I’ve run a few marathons

(Not a metaphor, I really run marathons)

and each time I long to quit.

I’ve watched enviously as fellow runners

call an Uber and tap out along the route.

(yes – this is actually a thing people do)

This will never be me.

As long as I keep moving

one step forward.

Assess. Another step.

I will get comfortable

in my discomfort.

I step forward

again. And again.

Until I see the road,

my car and, blessedly,

a shaved ice guy

like a mirage at the top of the hike.


I will always choose

being in motion –

whatever the context –

over sitting on the side

waiting to tap out.

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