This Post Is Not About The Election

Somehow I got connected to a

“secret” group on Facebook,


of 3.1M Hillary supporters.

Regardless of political

affiliation – maybe there

was something similar

for Trump supporters,

I don’t know because apparently

I don’t know any — the faces

and stories were incredibly

humbling and moving.

Literally millions of posts

proudly offering

daily, hourly, minute-by-minute

reminders of how much


as humans

long to be

seen and heard.

Post after post

shows women in pantsuits

(some men too. Adorable.)

stating their reasons for

being “with her”.

“Because my hardworking

Mexican immigrant husband

can’t vote, but I can”

“Because I live in a country that

allows me to do the work I love

as a construction site fore(wo)man

without being told ‘it’s a man’s job’”.

Beautiful face after beautiful face.

Story after story.

Standing strong to claim

I am here.

I have a voice.

I matter.

The election is over,

and I see the group virtually

milling around not wanting the connection to end,

asking each other

“what now?”

For me,

I hope it doesn’t end.

I hope the group opens up

to anyone coming in peace.

Anyone who wants to say

I am here.

I have a voice.

I matter.


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