In Praise of Personal Retreats

Solitude is not for everyone.

And in truth, I currently have

more than I require or desire.

But there is a difference between

solitude by default

and solitude by design.

Recently, I chose the latter.

I’m writing this from an

integrated wellness center

In Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Lest, like my good-humored children,

you think this is code for

“mommy checked herself into rehab”,

it’s not.

Although the notable absence of electronics,

processed food and alcohol – along with a

behavior modification program designed

around cuddling chickens –

did give me pause.

Blessedly, there is caffeine.


Christopher J. Harris Realtor:

(In case you’re thinking of buying out west)


Sunrise Springs

(In case you’re thinking about cuddling chickens)


I’m here to meet a dear friend

and also to be away.

As in “not here”.

I brought with me several tedious

administrative projects that have been

taking up space on my desk and,

more debilitatingly, in my head.

I’ve already completed in one day

what I haven’t been able to complete

in months.

Somehow tedious is more tolerable

with a change of scenery and without

the daily distractions of an ordinary life.

For me, work isn’t something to escape,

it’s something to drop into.

So being away for a few days allows me

the space to think deeper

about work and life

and what’s next.

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