If You Wear It, Own It

When I look at photos from my early career days

I’m dressed remarkably like Aunt Bee

from The Andy Griffith Show.

Dumpy polyester skirt down to mid-calf.

Obligatory bowed blouse.

A once-beloved jacket that made my daughter ask

why I was wearing a bathrobe at work.

You get the idea.

These epic fashion failures were due,

in part, to the hindsight of fashion trends

and in greater part to my sorry efforts at

trying to, at least, look like a grown up.

Blessedly, this is no longer necessary or true.

A grown up – even and especially a successful one –

is as likely to show up dressed like

he’s washing his car as he is wearing a suit.

I don’t have any judgment on this,

or most fashion in general,

but I do have one rule/request:

If you wear it, own it.

If you’re an adult who doesn’t own

appropriate clothes for a holiday party,

a wedding or a funeral,

I’m a million percent okay with whatever

you show up in.


Just don’t mumble something about

“probably should have dressed up.”

Wear what you wear; don’t apologize for it.

Confidence beats bad fashion every time.

Own it. Or change it.



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