Strategic Is The New Sexy

By now,

we all know

command & control style of leadership

is bad;

collaborative, empowering, inclusive

style of leadership is good.

Except I’m not so sure.

Many organizations, in

an attempt to empower leaders,

create a false sense of ownership

and decision making authority.

First question:

Do you have an advisory leadership team

or a decision making leadership team?

Acting as your internal board,

are the people you put in place

truly trained & qualified to make decisions

on your behalf?

More importantly,

are you as the owner,

willing to let them…

and live with the consequences?

Most businesses I work with

fall into two categories:

emotional and strategic.

Emotionally run companies

are too often at the effect of

the owner and his/her many moods.

Even if there is a leadership team in place,

they are all too often only able to react

to the unpredictable moods of the owner.

Good day for the owner;

Good day for the company.

Strategic leadership, however, gives

the leadership team a map to guide them.

They are able to pro-actively make decisions

based on the vision and direction of the owner.

The former happens all too often;

the later not nearly often enough.


If You Wear It, Own It

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