Momma’s Got Guns

It’s Mother’s Day

and I would like to

take this opportunity

to honor my…

personal trainer.

When I met Cole

I gave him the same

message I gave my hair guy:

I love being a mom;

I don’t want to look like one.

In spite of being old enough

to be Cole’s mother,

he has never treated me like

the middle-aged mom I am.

He works me hard,

generally ignores my

fairly regular bitching

and swears (slightly) more than I do.

What’s not to f-ing love about that?

The banter is lively.

The workouts are solid

(damn that Kettlebell).

And I have

dramatically reduced

my body fat.

Did I mention I’ve got “guns”?

In two years,

Cole has never missed

a workout,

shown up late

or demonstrated anything

less than a million percent

commitment to helping me

reach my goals.

I wish I could say I

have been equally on point

but truth is

I struggle mightily

with staying on the

health & fitness wagon.

What I see in Cole

is a man who is living

his values and, with that,

comes an ease that is

evident in how he approaches

work & life.

And that is very healthy, indeed.


To arm wrestle, contact me. To get guns like mine, contact Cole Cruz ( or visit Cole Cruz Fitness on FB.
If you want to arm wrestle, contact me; if you want guns like mine, contact Cole Cruz :(









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