Hot Coffee Coaching Triple Shot!

I know hundred of coaches.

Yet, it wasn’t until I met

Brian Cahill and Morgen Ruth

than I thought about expanding

my coaching practice.

How I met Brian is a longer

story than my self-imposed

200-word blog post limit will allow,

but suffice to say

Brian found me

and I claimed him.

Brian says after our first meeting

he told his wife, Susan,

“I’m going to work with that


How’s that for setting an intention?

So began a multi-year friendship

of coaching, drinking coffee,

being coached and

sort of coaching

and drinking wine and

good enough coaching™,

and laughing. A lot.

Brian is to wine what I am to coffee.

So when he hosted a

Wine & Coaching Event,

naturally, I was there.

So was Morgen Ruth.

(See how this is all coming together?)

After the event — just as

Bob Dylan said about Alicia Keys —

I said about Morgen:

“There’s nothing about that

girl I don’t like.”

Morgen’s got range.

And she can definitely hold her own

in the coaching/wine drinking/

coffee drinking/laughing. A lot.


So now,

we’re getting all co-active together

(Thanks, CTI!)

doing good work, having good fun

and planning our own “what’s next?”


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