What You May Not Know About Strong, Smart Women

I’m a strong, smart woman.

And, no amount of

strength or smarts

prepared me for a head-on

with my 65 lb. lab/pit bull

requiring an ER visit

(for me; dog was fine)

resulting in a broken nose

and two black eyes.

(again, me; dog was fine)

I’m strong,

but I’m not a cage fighter.

And, I’m smart.

But when three ER docs asked

“Have you had a tetanus shot?”

I only had two thoughts:

 1. Ever?

2. And: well, I seem to remember

looking on while my brother got

a rusty garden tool

removed from his ankle in 1963,

but that doesn’t really

answer the question, does it?

Followed by my inability to

answer whether I would like

to be referred to

a plastic surgeon or an ENT.

Even with the ER doc asking

repeatedly and slowly,

I couldn’t form my follow up

which was:


Until, mercifully, she

gave me both.

So, here’s a tip about

strong, smart woman.

We’re not always so strong

and we’re sometimes not so smart.

We like a little

attention & tenderness

and the occasional  help

with life’s hard questions.

Later my coffee guy

saw my face and

comped my latte.

I almost wept.

The "other guy" looking remorseful
The “other guy” looking remorseful

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