Acknowledgment Where Art Thou?

Acknowledgment is actually

a learned coaching skill.


Because we get so precious

little of it in life.

We are starved to our core

for a crumb of gratitude.

Research indicates

employees would rather

be criticized than ignored.

A fact that I make up, while

likely true, comes from the

sad assumption that

“complimented”, “praised”

or “acknowledged”

wasn’t among the

consideration set of

those surveyed.

To illustrate:

I bought a doughnut at

Stan’s Donuts

(Allow me to compliment

Stan on his doughnuts: outSTANding.).

When the counter person

took my money,

the following dialogue ensued:

Manager: Say ‘thank you’.

Counter Person: What?

Manger: Say ‘thank you’.

You should always say

‘thank you’ when you take

someone’s money.

Counter Person: Oh.

Thank you. It’s my first day.

On the planet?!?

I wanted to ask.

How is it possible that

a human being escaped knowing

this very basic exchange?

The acknowledgment

that should transpire

when money is exchanged for goods

is Gratitude 101.

Unless it’s a hold-up,

there is no acceptable alternative

for ‘thank you’ when money

and goods change hands.

It should be as reflexive

as the blessing of your choosing

after a sneeze.

Or “you’re welcome” after

that obligatory thank you.






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