The (New) Game of Life

I like to credit much of my

early education

to Milton-Bradley.

While other families were

building their real estate empires

via Monopoly,

my family favored

The Game of Life

and, a Milton-Bradley sleeper, Careers.

It’s no accident,

I suppose,

that I learned early on via

The Game of Life

that college was a

whimsical optional detour.

What really mattered

was getting that blue peg

in the driver’s seat

and then getting busy

filling the car with kids

until they were literally

piled in the aisle.

Life has a way of taking

twists and turns and

I often ended up in


A b-player in the board game category that,

way ahead of its time,

had players weigh & articulate values of

fame, fortune and love.

I tried many strategies during

those gameathons:

All love!

All money!

All fame!

Equal balance of each!

Recently, in creating a

business plan for my

coaching practice

I drew three interlocking circles:

Work I love.

Work that pays well.

High-profile work.

Notice anything?

Love. Fortune. Fame.

That sweet spot –

getting paid to do work I love

and being acknowledged for it –

is what makes me happy.

And happy wins the game

of Life every time.



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