First: Make 800 Cold Calls

I will be shocked if anyone reads beyond

the title of this blog post.

I make this assumption because,

for six plus years,

people have asked me how I started

my coaching practice.

I always give some version of the

same response:

First: make 800 cold calls.

That and 20 years in marketing.

(Or, as Barry Newstat says:

step one: find a time machine;

step two: use it to go back

28 years and start making furniture)

In six plus years

not one person has asked

a follow up question to my step one.

Instead, they dust past it and ask

Uh-huh, what else?

What they really mean is:

what’s the easy way to get clients?

I made 800 cold calls

not because it was the

right way or the only way.

I made cold calls

because I was committed to building my practice.

Cold calling wasn’t particularly successful,

(800 calls, 8 or 10 meetings, 2 or 3 clients)

but it did make me absolutely fearless.

Turns out, committed and fearless

are pretty good qualities for building a business.

I often meet other service providers

who boast about never making cold calls.

I always have the same thought:

maybe you should.



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