Happy Father’s Day To Me


One of the bittersweet joys

of 20 plus years as a single parent

is being told by my kids

that I’m the

“best dad they know.”

I get Mother’s Day and Father’s Day


Both kids, on various & mulitple occasions,

marvel at me in an

I-don’t-know-how-you-did-it way.

Me either.

Except in some ways single parenting

seems easier.

No one to discuss discipline styles.

No one to play good cop/bad cop.

No one to challenge the

hundreds and thousands

of decisions

it takes to get a child

safely, healthy and happy

(and, in my house, happy was optional)

to launch.

Single parenting certainly streamlined the process.

But it wasn’t nearly as joyful as

I imagine parenting with a

(mostly) like-minded partner

could be.

I remember overhearing my

then grade-school son talking

with his friends –

wildy coincidently – all being raised

by divorced or widowed moms.

“Dads. Who needs them?”

said one particularly jaded boy.

Don’t get me wrong:

I’m pro-dads.

(Especially the single, age-appropriate ones. Grrr.)

But, I’m even more pro-parents.

Kids need parents. Good ones.

So, “Happy Father’s Day” to me

and all the other men & women

who are making good parenting

a life-long priority.

Let’s have a beer.


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