Playing The Long Game

As you may know,

my work travels in trends.

Issues build, crest & crash

through my client roster

like so many waves.

One month, we’re all

considering sabbaticals.

Last month,

every child on the planet

left for college

and every parent collectively wondered

“what now?”

This month, I’m captivated

by a theme I’m responding to

with a battle cry I’m calling

“playing the long game”.

As a people, we are impatient.

We want change & we want it now.

And, preferably in a short, straight line.

In my experience,

life seldom happens that way.

Instead, you have to

play the long game.

And, before you tell me you’re

too old and too tired for

the long game,

You’re not.

Everyone — regardless of age —

has a long game left in him/her.

That means the best next move

may not be The Thing.

It may be the thing that gets you

One. Step. Closer.

to The Thing.

Point yourself to your

most compelling dream

and make your move.

That forward movement

may be so small only

you know you’re taking it.

Or so quiet only you hear it.

Take it or make it anyway.

You’ll know.

You’re on your way.



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