I Love Men.

I love men.

Especially the kind of man

who is trying hard to be the best

husband, father, boss, friend

he can be.

I love men.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.

I love women too.

But, we women have been

working at self-improvement

ever since the first issue of

Calling All Girls

(which later became Young Miss

and then, even cooler, YM).

I can’t help but fall in love

with my male clients who

seek out coaching –

not for themselves necessarily –

but for the


in their lives

because they truly want

to be better





And just don’t know how.

I fall in love with them

because I understand them.

I understand that they are trying

and sometimes (often) failing.

And, my heart breaks

not just for them

but for the women in their lives

who silently


sometimes not so silently

want them to be

better, happier,

more engaged

versions of themselves

(P.S. they want this too)

and feel guilty for feeling

disappointed by all the ways

their man can’t or won’t

(does it matter?)

just get it together

and love them back.

To notice that




Really. They’re trying.

I love men.


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