Are You Diff-i-cult?

Quite by accident,

I developed a rather specific

niche in my coaching practice.

Many – but not all –

(lest you are a client

wondering if I’m talking about you.

I’m not…unless I am)

of my clients

have been labeled “difficult”

by their employers.

See also:

harsh, condescending, critical,

judgmental, righteous, controlling,

ego-driven and more than one

unkind reference to

The Devil Wore Prada.

In contrast, my clients self describe as:

passionate, dedicated, perfectionists

with extremely high standards,

who are woefully misunderstood.

And, guess what?

Employer and employee

are both right.

Because it’s not the truth;

It’s perspective, baby.

As a recovering difficult person,

I have deep empathy for these clients.

No one hungers to be understood

more than I do.

(did I mention a flair for the dramatic

as one of the early warning signs?)

Through coaching,

individuals can learn

the difference between truth & perspective,

gain new tools for effective


and begin to slow down

response time to allow for

more thoughtful interactions.

If you suspect you may be


get ye to a good coach.

If you work with or love someone

whom you find difficult,

feel free to leave this blog post

where he/she will see it.







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