Tessa’s Getting Married

When I was 21 or 22,

my boyfriend was diagnosed on a Friday

with stage three Hodgkin’s disease.

On Monday he would start chemotherapy.

And, by the way,

“you’ll probably never be able to have children.”

My immediate thought was:

who needs kids?

Which was, I learned, more of an epiphany

about my as yet undeclared love for Jim

than it was an opinion about parenting.

We got married and had kids.

One of those kids, Tessa,

is getting married today.

She’s a beauty all right.

Smart too.

And funny.

Patrick is a perfect match.

They complement one other.

Patrick’s grandfather told me

when Patrick’s great grandfather

met Tessa for the first time

He said,

“She’s the one.”

And, while Tessa decided

great grandfather was

too old for her.

And already married.

Patrick was just right.

So, today they begin

their married life together.

Tessa’s brother Ben will

walk her down the aisle.

And “give her away.”

As much as she is

any of ours to give away.

Time flies, as they say,

and life has some crazy

twists & turns along the way.

You love as much as you can

for as long as you can.

Then, let go.


Tessa & Patrick

July 6, 2013


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