Good Bye and No Thank You

I fear I only have a couple topics

swirling around my blog-head

that keep re-presenting themselves in various forms.

If that is the case, and you’ve heard

this one from me before, my apologizes.

“Good bye” and “No, thank you”.

Two phrases people seem

to struggle with lately.

I have recently had two long time clients

disappear without a trace.

And a couple friends vaporize

nearly as cleanly.

Judging by the conversations

I’m having, this isn’t just me.

Unanswered correspondence –

whether text, email or phone –

seems to be the new way of

saying good bye, I’ve left,

I’m not interested, no thank you.

It used to make me mad;

now it makes me sad.

Sad that these people don’t

realize what they mean to an

individual or a group.

Your absence is noticed and missed.

And, sad that some people lack

the grace to say

“Good bye”

and the confidence to say

“No, thank you”

when an opportunity

or invitation or relationship

is not to their liking.

I have a colleague who is known

to enthusiastically say

“We should talk about that!”

When what she really means is

“I’m not interested in that.”

It makes me laugh,

But not really.




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