A Well-Curated Life

I am an expert at purging.

Not the throwing up kind

of purging,

the kind where you systematically

go through your stuff and

eliminate unwanted items.

I love it.

It occurs to me that I favor

what I have come to call

a well-curated life.

The work I have done –

and continue to do –

in coaching and leadership

is about living a life of


With that, I want my life

on the outside to reflect

what I am practicing

on the inside.

Clarity. Purpose. Intention.

That means, the car I drive,

the clothes I wear and the

things I own are intentional

and intentionally in my life.

When I look around my home

I want to see only those things

that are life affirming,

beautiful-to-me things

that I have selected

that have purpose

and meaning in my life.

The same is true for

people and places.

I want to be interested in &

interesting to the people

with whom I choose

to be in relationship with.

And I want to be inspired

by the places I choose

to spend my time.

Clarity. Purpose. Intention.

It’s what guides me to living

a well-curated life.


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