"Good Morning, Runners!"

One reason I joined a running group

is for the community.

Working alone and living alone

can sometimes equal lonely.

I have to be intentional

about connecting with people.

We’re natural pack animals.

Without a “real” job to go to,

I miss my pack.

One place I found it is through running.

One thing I love about group running

on Chicago’s beautiful –

albeit frozen right now – lakefront path

is the community of runners.

If you’re a runner you know

runners greet runners.

 “Good morning, runners!”

There are mornings when

I tear up over this simple greeting

because it’s so

genuine and affirming.

When I was in college I noticed

the campus bus drivers

all nodded to each other.

I thought it was weird that they knew each other.

Until I realized they were part of a

community of bus drivers who were saying:

I see you. I’m one of you. We belong to each other.

Bus drivers. Taxi drivers. Runners.

All in community.

I get the nod from fellow Volvo owners.

“How do you like your car?” a Volvo C30 guy

said to me at the gas pump.

“I love it!” I said.

“Me too.”

That was it. And enough.

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