Reflections on Living in the Present

A lot of coaching and

personal work in general

involves letting go of the

past and future in favor of

living in the present.

It’s a useful practice.

Especially for those of us

who are holding on to

past relationships,

past successes.

past failures.

The “not unhappys” I call them.

I often help clients get present to

diffuse feelings of overwhelm.

When you are truly in the present,

fully engaged in the right now,

everything else falls away and

you can find a certain

focus and clarity

in where you are.

That’s good.

At the same time, I wonder

if too much living in the present

is a seemingly safe place to hide

from the unknown future.

In what ways does “being present”

rob us and those around us from

the opportunity to dream and design

a future alone or together.

Be present, yes and

point yourself to the future.

Future opportunities.

Future relationships.

Future successes and failures.

Because forward is where the

present is headed and you’re

going to want to go with it.

And for me, I want to go –

not pumping the brakes –

to keep me safely where I am,

but with my feet off the pedals.

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