Resolutions Are Dumb

Resolutions are dumb.

Unless they are deeply,

emotionally connected

to your clearly articulated values

and unless you are

fully committed and

laser-focused on

what specific action to take

(or not to take) next.

Then, they are liberating

and exhilarating and

more war cry than resolute.

What if this were the year.

What if this were the year

you dug deep and made

a change that really mattered

to yourself

your family,

your community 

even the world?!?

What if this were the year

you went from lamely

mumbling some half-hearted

promise to

lose 10 pounds

stop picking your cuticles

or learn French.

(all mine)

And instead used this

opportunity to

stand in your full power

and make a declaration

that truly matters.

Who can you enroll

to be your Champion?

What resources –

human or otherwise –

do you need to ensure

your success?

Who will be at your side

when the road gets wobbly?

Plan for (near) failure now

and be equally prepared to

celebrate your success.

Get your “Woo Hoo!” ready.

There’s nothing special about
January 1st for starting
or starting over.

Press the “reset”

button whenever you like.

Make a plan; work the plan.

Make it a year that matters.

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