Who You Callin’ A Wuss?

Back when I used the words
“marathon runner” to describe myself, 
I sought the counsel of my
friend Matthew to improve my time.

Instead of giving me speed work

he told me I had to get

“comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I wasn’t doing anything specifically wrong.

What I was doing, most notably, was
wussing out

when running “didn’t feel good”.

Discomfort is different from pain.

Pain I can do.

Natural childbirth. Twice.

But when it comes to discomfort,
physical or emotional,

we all can be pretty weak.

I am a regular witness to clients and others

who would rather suffer in stewy silence

than have a conversation that,

if not life-changing, is surely life enhancing—

if only for the head space it clears.

I’m not even talking about thatconversation.

The Big One.

I’m talking about letting a friend know
you hate Thai food

or finally offering the
correct pronunciation for “nuclear”.

In my experience, without exception,
we’re all just one uncomfortable conversation
away from getting something we want.

And, do you know what else?

No one on the receiving end of your discomfort

wishes you had waited longer to speak up.

No one.

Don’t be a wuss. Say it.

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