The Land of EitherOr (TM)

I’ve written a children’s book in my head

called “The Land of EitherOr” (TM)

(I’m officially trademarking the concept here)
Kind of an edutaining, co-active coaching primer.

My book will, hopefully,

discourage children from growing up

to be adults who steadfastly

believe that life is a series of choices between

exactly two undesirable options.

In The Land of EitherOr (TM)

there are exactly
two favors of ice cream,

two kinds of pizza,

two options for pets: dog or cat…

Then something wonderful happens

(I don’t know what but I’m pretty sure

it doesn’t involve any super powers or

hallucinatory drugs)

and the world of possibility opens.

Suddenly, the children are able to see life

in all its abundance with delicious choices

hanging from each tree,

well within their reach

and theirs for the picking.

In The Land of EitherOr (TM)

the children reject the “truth” that

choices are limited to two.

They simply refuse to believe 
and instead expand their choices
to create colorful and complex options.

Soon, the grown ups reject the soul crushing

limitation of The Land of EitherOr (TM)

and set off for multi-hued skies and long views.

A fairy tale to be sure,

but a good one.

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