Leadership Lessons Learned At Puppy Class

I’ve learned a few things
about leadership from my dog trainer.

Hire for culture; train for skill.
My previous and beloved dog, Zoe,
came trained with prior experience as a pet.
Recently, I hired entry level: a puppy.
I vetted for attitude, enthusiasm and…size & weight.
(that last part won’t sit well w/ HR, but I wanted a big dog)
My entry level puppy came with no training and
no prior experience, but a great attitude and a
willingness to learn. Good!

Be honest: do you have the staff & skills to provide
the necessary training for your new hire?

Being short-staffed at home, I outsourced.
I hired a trainer (chicagopaws.com),
a walker (dog-alicious.com),
daycare & boarding (poochhotel.com).
I cannot overstate the importance
of having a team in place to
ensure the success of your new hire.

Catch them doing something right.
Be positive. Give clear direction.
Acknowledge, reward and
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

We’re a team; not a family
I’m all for treating pets and employees like family
(the good kind),
but that privilege is earned, not awarded.
Kids: unconditional love.
Pets & Employees: conditional love.
It pains me to say this: you are replaceable.

Thank You For Asking

Never Underestimate What "New" Can Do