Thank You For Asking

I used to think I-Love-You
were the three words I longed to hear.
Now it’s the seemingly less intimate
but far more engaging and validating
‘How was your day?’
About a decade ago, I was half
of a long distance relationship.
It lacked a lot of things,
most notably proximity & sobriety.
What it did have was time.
Lots of phone time discussing the events of our day.
There is an intimacy that comes
with sharing the ordinary.
From the trivial: a bad latte,
that funny thing someone said.
To the triumphant:
a successful presentation! a new client!
Much of my best coaching perspective
has been culled from
some pretty low brow places.
(My favorite being “wash the dish”
from a Julia Roberts’
Good Housekeeping article)
In the enjoyable/forgettable movie,
Shall We Dance,
Susan Sarandon’s character captures
this thought as it applies to marriage.
“’Your life will not go unnoticed
because I will notice it.
Your life will not go un-witnessed
Because I will be your witness’.”
In any relationship,
the very least and the very best we can do
is to bother to notice the other.
And, a great place to start is to ask
‘how was your day.’

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