Puppy Love and the Value of "Easy"

I got a puppy.
An 11-week old lab mix
to bring into my hi-rise home and integrate
into my 40+ hours/week coaching practice.
I’ll wait while you divide yourself into
those who value “easy”
and those who value “possibility”.
There have been times
when I felt a little guilty
that my life was too easy.
Don’t get me wrong,
there are also times when I think,
WTF—even Job got a break in the end.
This is not one of those times.
Apparently, I like a challenge.
(You know what would make this more fun?
Quit my high-paying job!
You know what would make this more fun?
Get remarried!
You know what would make this more fun?
Start a business!)
I have been right to choose challenge over easy
at least most of the time.
Easy is great for things like
parking spaces,
driver’s license renewal
and on time flights.
But for living a full life,
easy isn’t the value I’m looking to honor.
Sometimes, you have to add a little crazy
to remind yourself that you’re alive.
And, as I’m told on a fairly regular basis,
“Crazy ain’t easy, Honey.”
And crazy is where I want to be.

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