Never Underestimate What "New" Can Do

I believe in the power of goal setting.
I set and (mostly) achieve
annual goals.
This year, overachiever that I
(sometimes) am,
I managed to hit all of my goals…
that required me to buy something:
House. Car. Dog.
even before first quarter ended.
(Plenty o’ time to tackle those behavioral
changes and lifelong bad habits later)
Less you think me shallow for
purchasing my way to
joy, satisfaction & fulfillment,
consider this:
never underestimate what “new” can do.
Just like working out in the morning
will have you burning calories all day,
a thoughtful purchase
can be just the thing to set
life changes in motion.
I didn’t think I cared about cars until,
at the urging of my favorite furniture maker,
I bought something sporty & sophisticated.*
NOW driving contributes to my personal style,
reinforces my excellent decision making ability
and just feels good.
Not only that but, I swear, my ass looks smaller in this car.
These purchases, as well as other goals,
are part of my overall plan to design my optimal life.
A life of style & substance.
Absolutely nothing wrong with checking that style box first.

*A Volvo C30s, in case you’re wondering. HOT!

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