If It’s Not A "Hell, Yes!", It’s A "Hell, No"

I may have written about this before,
but I am reminded of a foolproof method
for making critical decisions in your life.
It’s the “Hell, Yes!” rule.
As my friend Kristine says when it comes to dating,
If he’s not a “Hell, Yes!”,
well then he’s a “Hell, No.”
She was right about that,
so I’ve taken to using the “Hell, Yes” method
with every major decision in my life.
I’m planning a move and looking at real estate.
It’s a daunting process that I narrowed down to
a truly stunning property across town.
Do you love it, my friend and financial planner,
Heather Locus, asked.
“Yes…I mean…I think so,” I said weakly,
revealing volumes to myself and to Heather.
That place may have been a “yes”,
but it wasn’t a “Hell, Yes!”
Where do the “Hell, Yeses!”
show up in your life?
Parenting? Hell, yes!
Coaching? Hell, yes!
Friends, lovers and other strangers
who guarantee good times, good conversation
and appreciation & acknowledgement for
who you are?
Hell, Yes! Hell, Yes! Hell, Yes!
And, please, don’t save the Hell, Yes! Method
for special occasions;
it’s good for everyday use, too.
French Fries: yes
Onion rings: Hell, Yes!

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