Waiting For A Better Offer

Making a decision can be tough.
Especially when you are deciding
between the known and the
A conundrum, for sure.
I am reminded of my many clients
who come to me desperate
to make a change in their lives…
then argue with me in favor of
the status quo.
(Hey, you called me—I’m not attached to
you leaving your job,
your business partner,
your husband,
your city—
that was your idea)
That’s why most decisions are made
when the pain of non-decision outweighs
the risk of the actions and difficult conversations
required to make the decision.
Until then, holding out for a better offer
(ie job, partner, husband, city, TV show,
dog, weekend plans….)
can paralyze the decision making process
all together.
It’s unlikely the better offer is something
you will stumble upon.
Even less likely it’s something
that will find you
if only you wait long enough.
The better offer—
the one you may have to
walk through fire to attain—
is the one that you create.
From there, it has the potential to
get even better
if you use your
super decision-making powers
to enroll others in it with you.

You Know What You Should Do?

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