On Getting Dull

Once again, my former business partner
and good friend, Jay Farrell,
tuned me in to a better version of myself.
We were catching up over beer
when—three times—in one conversation
I said “What?” in response to his reference
to a current event.
What happened to you,” Jay said,
“You used to know everything.”
While that second part is a gross overstatement,
at one time, I was the one who knew
what was happening in the world
outside the agency.
Truth is, I had already noticed
myself getting dull.
One too many
references to my clients’
lives, rather than my own.
“I have a client who just got back from Thailand.”
“My client loves Girl & The Goat.”
I work a lot and, for me,
working too much is
when I’ve stopped having my own experiences
and started merchandising
the experiences of others.
This could be the grown up version of
living your life through your kids.
Notice the next time you ask someone
what’s new and he/she responds with
detailed explanations of their
kids’ activities.
Uh-huh, now tell me about you
As for me, I registered for a class,
booked a trip and started listening
more rigorously to NPR.

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