Moving or Moving On?

I’m experiencing a lot of movement
in the universe.
Work. Life. Love.
Work takes new forms.
Life takes new turns.
Love finds new partners.
It makes me wonder
if you
(and by “you” I, of course, mean “me”)
are moving
or moving on?
If you’re just moving,
without doing the real work
of moving on,
You’re inviting—no, guaranteeing
your bags will arrive
if not with you,
on the very. very. next. train.
Even heavier than before.
Those who successfully move on
give themselves the
gift of self reflection.
They take the time and do the work
to get out of the blame place and
own the responsibility for where they are
and where they want to move to.
In work, life and love.
In the best scenarios, the move comes
with a healthy and appropriate level of
grieving and space that allows for
that bittersweet emotion
of gently holding what was
in its proper place.
Thus, the high school reunion.
Drinks with former co-workers.
A phone call to or from an ex.
It’s an acknowledgment of what was,
without making the other
person, place or thing wrong.
With the keen awareness that,
while not wrong,
clearly no longer quite right.

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