A Thanksgiving Query: Is It Possible To Be Satisfied And Hungry?

It’s my tradition to make calls
on Thanksgiving to the
people in my life for
whom I am truly thankful.
Old friends.
New relationships.
Loyal clients.
This year,
I don’t intend to make
those calls.
No special reason
other than I find myself
less inclined to reach out
and more inclined to lean in.
This year, I am thankful
for cozy.
My word for the intimacy
that is created when
you clear out all the insecurity
and worry and anxiety
that isn’t feeding you
and likely isn’t even real or true.
What’s left in its place
is cozy.
In this space
relationships deepen,
friendships grow with you
and chance meetings
become surprisingly lovely.
Pure joy found in conversations
over shared food & drinks.
Countless cups of coffee.
Tired jokes that still make you laugh.
Perfect words spoken at just the right time.
(fill in your version of cozy here)
It’s that puffy-comforter connection
that satisfies and, at the same time,
makes me hungry for more.
This Thanksgiving,
I am setting an intention
for creating more cozy in my life.
Staying hungry for more time
with people who bring me joy
and less time settling with
people who don’t feed me.

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