It’s All Marketing, Baby.

I had a conversation with a client recently
about dating.
Newly divorced, his approach is
if it happens, it happens.
In marketing we call this
an in-bound effort.
If the phone rings,
we answer it.
As you can image,
this approach to dating
is about as effective
as it is in marketing.
Somewhere between
not very and not at all.
It made me think of
areas in my own life
where I am accepting
what comes to me rather than
creating the outcome I desire.
How much time do we spend
waiting to respond
when we could be creating?
There’s a great book title
(maybe a great book too.
I haven’t read it, but I frequently quote the title):
Hope is Not a Strategy.
Hoping for
your job
your relationship
your life
to change,
and fantasizing about your response
when it does,
isn’t likely to make it so.
Creating, on the other hand,
absolutely will move us forward.
That’s what I love about coaching.
A good coach won’t let you stay
in that passive place of
in-bound only marketing
of yourself & your life.
And, that’s what I love about marketing.
It’s a great metaphor for
just about everything.

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