Now is the Time to Celebrate

When my daughter was in kindergarten
I got her a gig as a hand model
for the back of a Kellogg’s cereal box.
She worked her shot at fame for
four show & tells:
The layout!
The Polaroid!
The press proof!
And, finally—the pièce de résistance—
the cereal box!
Each week, her class celebrated
with no less enthusiasm then
the previous week,
banging heads to get a closer look,
as Tessa revealed
first her own hand,
then—look!—the identical hand on the box!
As adults, we don’t celebrate
big enough or often enough.
I keep a file on my desktop titled
It’s a collection of emails I have received
from clients and colleagues
acknowledging me for who I am and what I do.
It’s good to read and even better
when I can share their words
with someone who cares for me.
Acknowledgement & celebration.
Jobs won, clients landed, goals met.
The completion of a spectacular piece of original work.
All deserve celebration in whatever form that takes.
You get to decide.
And, if you can share it with someone
who holds you & your accomplishments
with the same unselfish wonder & appreciation
of that kindergarten class,
even better.

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