What’s The Truth Got To Do With It?

When I was in high school
My two best friends and I
did a modern dance routine
to “Hey, Big Spender”.
Our dance club sponsor,
aka gym teacher and
former Playboy bunny,
gave us the idea and the moves.
We made our own trampy costumes.
I guess from the perspective of
a former Playboy bunny
high school girls gyrating on stage
dressed like hookers
seems like reasonable entertainment.
As recently as last year, my dad said:
“Remember when you dressed like
a prostitute for that school show?
What the hell was that?”
Different perspective.
When my kids were in grade school,
a mom walked out of a
production of Grease.
What’s her problem, I thought.
What kid hasn’t seen Grease?
Apparently the ones whose parents think it’s inappropriate
for them to see 12 year olds
singing about getting knocked up in high school.
Different perspective.
Exploring perspectives is at
the core of balance coaching.
Balance helps you shift
out of the absoluteness of truth
into the fluidity of perspective.
We’re always in a perspective,
even if it feels like “the truth”.
There’s what happened
and what we make up about it.

Exclusive to the Timberlakes: icksnay on the oldcay eetfay

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