Dream A Little Dream

I had a lazy afternoon conversation
about making life plans.
Intuitively, having a plan
sounds better than not having a plan.
We make plans.
What are your plans for…
the weekend,
the summer,
Too much of a plan sounds rigid and limiting.
Too little, risky and irresponsible.
If the choice is plan or no plan,
I’m pro-plan.
The caution, I think, is being a slave to a plan
that doesn’t make room
for the delicious possibility of life
to change your course.
You’re offered a dream job
You discover a new passion.
You (accidentally) fall in love.
Dreams, if we have them at all,
tend to be of the practical kind.
A promotion.
A vacation.
A smaller pair of jeans.
It seems that unless we know
exactly how we’re going to get there
it doesn’t make the list.
If all you have is a plan
then all you’ll achieve is
your to-do list.
Shouldn’t life be bigger than that?
Plans are great;
dreams are better.
Dreams take patience and
the unwavering belief in possibility.
It’s okay if you don’t know the how of it
or even the when of it.
Plans are in your head;
dreams, in your heart.

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