Making Each Other Look Good

I facilitate branding & marketing
strategy sessions.
I’m pride myself in getting
creative ideas out of any group:
jewelry makers,
haunted house owners
(don’t ask).
With some groups, it’s work.
Recently, it was anything but.
I facilitated a group of
improv-trained actors.
Big difference.
What I noticed is
they are uniquely trained in
and committed to
making each other look good.
The room was electric with each idea
building off the previous one
and a constant stream of acknowledgment for
a good line,
a good thought,
a good direction.
No one was in love with his/her
own idea.
Not one Eeyore in the group whining
“that’ll never work” or “we tried that before.”
Just making each other look good.
I have some rock & roll friends,
Phil & Ninette,
who made a commitment some 10 years ago
that whenever one of them leaves the room,
the other says something nice about that person.
It creates a fairly regular banter of
“Man, she’s beautiful”
“Am I lucky, or what?”
“Doesn’t he blow you away?”
It’s purposeful affirmation
that gets witnessed
again and again.
I’m intrigued by
what we could create
if we all committed to
making each other look good.

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