The Best Kept Secret

My son turned 21 last month
making me officially
done with parenting.
Oh sure, there’s
still college to pay for
and I get to weigh in on things
like spring break, apartment leases
and wisdom teeth.
But, for the most part,
I’ve successfully completed
the most fulfilling & joyful
job of my life.
Not just once, but twice.
(parenting my daughter,
wrapped up a year ago).
In both cases,
I’m extremely pleased
with the results.
My success as a parent
puts my marketing career
to shame
and makes my coaching
look amateurish.
I’m a really, really good mom.
Here’s my secret: single parenting.
Except for a couple weeks ago
when my son had an
emergency appendectomy
and my daughter and I,
each in a different state,
agreed that a dad would be useful
now & then,
I have generally not minded
going it alone as a parent.
No one to question my decisions;
no one to be the “fun” parent to
my (sorta) strict style.
We just bumped along
like a lopsided family
and rolled our eyes every time
a restaurant hostess said:
“table for four?”
(do you see four people here?)
as if dad were eternally parking the car.

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