Honesty Does Not Equal Full Disclosure

Do these jeans make my ass look fat?
No really. Be honest.
In my coaching and in my life
people sometimes,
and by sometimes I mean often,
confuse honesty with full disclosure.
Honesty: good.
Full Disclosure: almost never good.
I’m actually having trouble thinking of an example
where full disclosure is appropriate.
With your doctor?
Your attorney?
Spiritual adviser?
Sharing STD info with a new partner?
Even then, I’m thinking timing is everything.
And you might want to spare the details.
Better to answer a direct question with a clarifying question:
“Why do you ask?”
“That’s a very personal question. I’m curious why you’re interested?”
S-l-o-w the conversation way down
and give yourself time to decide:
full disclosure or
will honesty do the trick?
While we’re on the subject,
every time some one describes himself
or, way more often, herself as
brutally honest”, I flinch.
Wouldn’t just “honest” get the job done.
Maybe with even better results?
So, really.
Do these jeans make my ass look fat?
Honest: You know, I like the other pair on you better.
Full Disclosure: Yes and I’ve thought that every time you’ve worn them.
Brutally Honest: (insert truck backing up noise here).
You decide.

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