Giving Up Control

In my work with my own coach,
I frequently find myself saying
“I just want to know…”
The topic can be anything:
–is this where I’m supposed to be living?
–is this the work I should be doing?
–am I in the right relationship?
I just want to know.
Even without my coach’s pointing,
I notice in my desire to control,
I actually give away my power.
My location, my work, my relationships
are all up to me—
I get to decide.
I get to create and discover and uncover
the knowing as I go along.
This comes up frequently with my clients, as well.
“If I just knew (fill in the blank)
I could get okay with it.”
What’s so great about knowing?
I ask my clients.
Well, then I could start planning.
So plan as if it’s so.
But, that’s not what I really want.
The truth revealed.
Too often we spend our energy
getting okay instead of
getting into action to create something
bigger, better, BOLD.
The work to do just might be to give up control of needing to know
in favor of taking control of being present
to what you want to create from here.

Starting Today…

Look at me! Look at me!