Look at me! Look at me!

I received some great coaching last week from
Karen Kimsey-House,
Co-Founder of The Coaches Training Institute.
(Coaching doesn’t get any better than this!)
We were talking about a colleague who
I find extremely difficult to be around.
Obviously, this is my work to do because
he keeps showing up in my life.
I sit next to an empty seat, that seat is his.
We are randomly put into pairs; I’m his partner.
I get it.
But, why is this my work to do and not his?
Karen helped me see this person
with compassion
and build a relationship
from a common stake.
It’s not easy, but it’s possible.
Because I can.
Because I am enough and can
give it away.
With further examination
(and coaching)
I see myself reflected in him.
His overt need for acknowledgement
triggers my “I don’t matter” reflex
in an icky way.
The two types you might not
be inclined to acknowledge are
those that really
need it,
beg for it,
perform for it
and those who look like
they don’t need it at all.
Underneath, we’re the same.
Notice me.
Remind me that I matter.
even standing in my full confidence,
I sometimes forget.

Giving Up Control

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