Just Tell Me How I Feel

I sometimes wish I could hire someone to tell me how I feel.
Kind of like a personal weather report.
A quick call I could make in the morning and, again,
toward mid-day.
How am I feeling?
I have learned to check in with myself this way,
several times a day.
How am I feeling?
Feeling seems hard.
Thinking seems easy.
And safe. And,natural.
Think about that for a minute.
Really, it’s just the opposite.
Stop thinking for a minute, and feeling is what happens quite naturally
without thought, without effort.
Your feelings are what’s there all along.
Underneath the noise and the indecision and the doubt and the confusion of your thinking.
My clients think all day
and too often try to think their way through our coaching.
Not so fast, buddy!
Thinking will not get you what you want.
In work or life.
You cannot think your way through a significant change of any kind.
Sooner or later, your thinking self is going to ask your feeling self for its opinion.
Your feelings will have known the right answer all along.
All you have to do is quiet down & listen
so they can nudge you into action.

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