One of Chicago’s Original Marketing Men

Bill Davidson hired me as a copywriter
on July 15, 1985
Later, Tom Baer told me Bill said
“She seems like a nice girl, but she won’t last.”
So, I stayed nearly 20 years to prove him wrong.
Bill Davidson died last week.
It was Bill, infinitely more than any business book or leadership course,
who taught me that you can
care passionately and fiercely about the work
care passionately and fiercely about the people you work with.
Bill was the first man to swear at me.
Not in front of me – at me.
A practice Jay Farrell took over with equal enthusiasm when he took over the agency.
Don’t worry, I gave it right back.
We yelled. We swore. We fought.
Then, we had a beer.
Or, in Bill’s case, a gin.
Bill created a safe place, a container, for creative conflict to happen
that we took seriously, but (almost) never personally.
For many of us who grew up at Davidson,
we have never felt more cared for or cared about then when we were under
the banner of Davisdon Marketing.
A lifetime of friendships; a legacy of leadership
In loving memory of my dear friend, Bill.

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The End