Creating A Structure

My mother collects angels. Or, used to.
(Note: do not buy her angels. She has plenty.)
We have developed a sort of ritual of me calling her from the car as I’m driving from meeting to meeting.
She’ll ask who I’m seeing and I’ll tell her the name of the potential client or person I’m meeting to do business with.
She then prays/meditates/sources
the person’s name with a positive outcome for me.
Somewhere along the line, she added the extra karmic boost of writing the name or intention on a post-it note and slapping it
on an angel.
Kind of a “while you were out” reminder for the angel to get busy creating miracles on my behalf.
In coaching, we call this “creating a structure”.
A physical, tangible action or symbol that keeps you focused and on course toward your goal.
You may be familiar with the idea of snapping a rubber band around your wrist to break a pesky negative thought pattern.
I love the mental image of my mom’s living room covered with
post-it noted angels!
We closed two last week—a new client for me and a bonus client for a colleague—five so far this month.

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