Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Was the The Clash talking to me in their 1980s hit song?
Am I really quoting The Clash?
If you’ve been following this blog, you know I started voice lessons a month ago.
The idea was to do something that made me uncomfortable in service of personal growth
and, on a more basic level, to have fun.
I like to sing and wanted to get better at it.
In four lessons, I went from nervous anticipation to exhilaration to disappointment to ambivalence.
So, now what?
My leadership training keeps me staying through the rough spots.
My coaching teaches me the importance of not saying yes when I mean no.
So, do I stay or do I go?
I committed to two of my coaching groups to sing a song at the end of my 8-week training.
Do I have to keep that commitment regardless of whether or not I finish the course?
One thing I’ve learned through my own coaching is the value of getting quiet and listening to that voice that already knows the right answer.
The voice that says:
I’m done.
It has announced itself at the end of jobs, relationships, friendships.
Done. Done. Done.
Voice lessons: done.

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