Easy Does It Better

I’ve been to the grocery store with my friend, Chris, easily 10 times this week.
I’m visiting him in LA.
We’ve known each other more than 15 years.
What’s remarkable about going to the grocery store so many times in a week is that each time he asked if I wanted to come along, I did.
Each time Chris dropped off or picked up his daughter at school, I went along too.
Not because these are particularly interesting or enjoyable activities, but because everything is more fun when you’re hanging out with someone you really love.
What I love about Chris is that we make each other laugh and we share serious and important thoughts, fears, ideas and plans about our lives with each other.
And we seem to spend an unusual amount of time together not talking at all.
It’s that easy.
And, we don’t fight over checks.
If someone says “I’ll get it”; the other says “thank you.”
It’s that easy.
We don’t talk or email all that often—maybe four or six times–throughout the year but, like any solid friendship, when we’re together, we pick up exactly where we left off.
It’s that easy and it’s that perfect.

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